Totoro and friends…reloaded

Totoro-and-friendsRecently, I’ve been fortunate enough to be commissioned a scene from one of my favorite things, Ghibli movie. Well, mixed with awesomeness that is Mickey, Pooh and Snoopy. Just my style. It was so fun I wanted to paint more, then I’ve received 2 more orders similar to this scene. They are all done in different sizes, so you might be able to see some with less detail, and some with more natural spacing, ie. it was done on a larger scale.

I’ve always loved to paint on large canvases and walls (I’ve worked as a mural artist for a couple of years). In college, my paintings were always on the larger side of the scale compared to my fellow students, and then in my senior year, the painting professor ordered/forced us to complete several 4ft by 6ft paintings within a semester.

I remember staying in my studio until 3 AM often. Walking back to the dorm in a pitch dark campus was so scary, later I brought in a sleeping bag to sometimes sleep in my studio or take naps on them. Haha, those were the days.

Now that I think about it, the after hours school building itself was probably a lot more creepier than walking in the dark outside… And the “studio” oh my goodness, it was like a sectioned off space with one side completely bare to anyone who walked by. Thinking back, I was a person who can sleep anywhere. I often crouched down in the subway station while waiting for a train and just fell asleep. OH, and not to mention doing all these things while being a college age GIRL…. hahahaha

Oh and here are the paintings:




Happy painting!



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