Getting Back into Blogging! 2018!! My first ever Youtube video ^^

January 13, 2018 by | 0 comments

Hello world! It’s been a while (like 4 years?) since I’ve remembered the existence of blogs, and came back.

Just a place to dump ideas.

As a show and tell, here’s my first ever Youtube video ^^

In the year 2017 I started (kinda irregularly but still) posting Youtube videos more and more, and now I have some number of videos posted there if you are interested in how these things are being made: Mycks youtube channel


Some current news (what I did recently alongside my usual commission work): Continue Reading →

New Paintings: Back of a Samurai, Girl wielding Naginata

April 5, 2012 by | Comments Off on New Paintings: Back of a Samurai, Girl wielding Naginata

I feel like I’ve painted this Samurai many times. Even though I’ve never painted his face in particular, I feel like I might know what sort of samurai he might be. I’ll see if I paint more of him…

I just realized I really really enjoy the inking process using the sumi ink. Fast and rough, even better. True, many times lines end up too strong or too weak, not even straight, but that’s all part of fun. :)

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