Sketches and more sketches

sketch-cutSo this time it’s going to be a post about sketches. Sometimes you notice some artists have a pretty different sketching style from their final work, so I personally like looking at different artist’s sketches.

I read recently on some magazine about how great masters of old did lots of monumental looking sketches, and in fact they look like they were drawn in life-size, but in actuality, the size of the sketches are really small. or something like that. So the power of a small drawing can be great… or something? I actually didn’t read the article much, just looked at the pics…..

Anyway, looking at the master sketches, I realized the importance of drawing more, not just when I need a sketch or two to make a painting, but just simply draw in a sketchbook regularly.

I’m really bad with keeping a daily or just regular drawing habit though.. I once started a blog just so that I can keep a habit of drawing constantly, but before you know it, I had gaping wholes in my posts.. just like this one. hahaha

Well, before I say any more embarrassing stuff, here are some of the recent sketches I did for some commissions and such.





red sketch1-sm purple-sketch1 blue sketch sm

Happy sketching~

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