Shepard from Mass Effect kind of, Samurai, and Ninja with a fall flavor

 So I did a couple of sumi/watercolor combo once again for the start of the fall season. I’m working on couple of serious oil paintings right now, so I might not be able to paint watercolor for a while unless I have a happy urge to paint with water.

Fall instantly translates into Halloween and I am serious I didn’t even remember that we are gonna go through that all over again until last month when stores started displaying the merchandise.

I remember making almost from scratch the whole costumes for my 2 little girls couple of years back. That was awesome, and the characters were Precure! from Japanese anime for girls. Well, not again…. my hands hurt for a while from sewing so much, and I never sew. Oh and I know there is such thing as a sewing machine which I inconveniently omitted from my head until the costumes were almost done….

Well, here are the new paintings by the way:

Yeah, not Halloween, just pumpkins and autumn feeling. No, not Halloween.

“Tenka Muteki” meaning Unbeatable, or Equaled by None. I like this word. Sounds very cool. I saw a t-shirt that said that a while back and really wanted it but felt cheap and didn’t buy it. Now I’m regretting my cheapness.

Yeah, for those of you who know who he is… Well this one didn’t turn out as I expected, it was more like I wanted to see how it would look like if I painted him with sumi and watercolor… Now I’m thinking I should have painted him in action, not ducked behind a ruined wall of sorts. But then again you spend a lot of time ducking in that game that I instinctively drew him so. ha. ha. ha.

Hopefully my speed in oil painting improved (no way to know since I haven’t done it for a while…:P) and will be able to soon upload the picture. Happy Autumn!

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