Scifi Characters into Samurai :-)

So without me noticing, I’ve accumulated a series of samurai-fied characters that have scifi origin. I know this happened because I’m kind of a scifi nut, but not really. You know that fine line where you’re not too crazy as to knowing every character from Star Wars and their lore, but still get extremely excited about talking about them or watching the movies? Or that fine line where you *probably* watched every single episode of Star Trek TV series but not that you remember too many details for every single thing that happened?

OK well, at this point, I’m not really sure what I’m talking about. But you know what I mean (or not…)

Anyway, the point is, I’ve done some paintings on them, and turned them into SAMURAI’s!! yes ^^

(1) First up, ADMIRAL ADAMA!!! [internal fanatical clapping] – probably the coolest admiral of all time, just writing his name makes me want to watch the show [Battlestar Galactica] all over again, thank you very much ^^

(2) CAPTAIN PICARD: OK, maybe he is the coolest captain of all time. Coolest bald captain, at the least. Actually he is the coolest ^^

(3) CAPTAIN KIRK & SPOCK:  Probably the most dramatic/entertaining (?) captain of all time, Captain Kirk, and then my favorite Star Trek character of all time, Spock :-) I think I have to pay him a better tribute where he is alone in the pic. Writing it down in my super long TO DO LIST…. (I cry)

(4) DOCTOR WHO: the best one, the 10th Doctor ^^ He’s always going to be the Doctor I imagine in my head whenever someone mentions Doctor Who.

(5) Major Motoko Kusanagi from GHOST IN THE SHELL: I remember the first time I watched the movie (the old anime one, mind you, not the recent live action one, which I haven’t seen…) was when my professor in college told me it’s one of the best movies he’s ever seen. That professor was probably in his late 60’s or early 70’s, and was a pretty well known artist. You know the anime movie is good when the famous artist/professor tells you to watch it. hehe ^^

I just can’t remember his name though… he was even in the American Fine Art History book and such, he was famous for painting super large portraits.. >< wearing black t-shirts and pants all the time and such.. oh well.

(6) TERMINATOR: Terminator 2 was legitimately my favorite movie for the longest time. I remember even making comic series based on a super muscly android character back when I was in high school or something. haha omg..

(7) COMMANDER SHEPARD from Mass Effect ^^: Of course, I probably have to pay tribute to our male commander also. I did this one such a long time ago, that I feel like a refresh is needed almost. Mass Effect is really one of the best games when I really think about it (however, the number of games I’ve played and finished in my life time is so very small, so that’s not saying much… dang)

What fun :-)


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