Scifi Characters into Samurai Part 2 – Star Wars version?

So I’ve always liked Star Trek a bit more than Star Wars, most likely because I watched MUCH more Star Trek than Star Wars (when counting in hours watched — for pretty obvious reasons..). I mean Star Trek is like a series of TV series, really really humongous time suck.

But when it comes to big budget films and cool romantic scifi lore, there’s definitely something about Star Wars ^^

Anyway, I was looking back through my stuff, and I realize I did quite a lot of Star Wars fanart and samurai-fying and such. I realize I need to send more love to Star Trek. Yes, one of the huge list of something I would like to do in the Year of the Doggo, 2018 ^^

Here are some samurai crossovers:


Darth Vader samurai of course.. When I did this, I actually thought this hasn’t been done yet (riiiight.. of course), but once I posted it, some people sent me links to samurai armor Vader and Stormtrooper figures, of course ^^ So very cool.

HAN SOLO samurai

Don’t know about the recognizability of this one, but Samurai Han Solo. I think I did this one after I watched *that* movie where he kinda died..

LUKE samurai

And of course this one. Samurai Luke. Did it after watching the latest movie, the Last Jedi.. where he kinda… *SPOILER*



died, too?

REY…samurai, I mean Kimono girl

Oh and here is Rey ^^

Leia – kimono 

And Leia ^^



I did some that weren’t turned into samurai’s. Just good old fanart:

Chirrut Imwe

Chirrut, the master!! I so completely was convinced he was going to at one point use the force in some way or the lightsaber. I really really did.

But he was one of the coolest characters in Star Wars to date, nonetheless ^^ I actually love the Ip Man movie series with the same actor, Donnie Yen, so when I realized he was going to be in the Rogue One movie, I completely 180’ed my eagerness to go watch the movie from “meh, maybe I’ll watch it when it comes out on video,” to “WE MUST GO WATCH THIS. DO YOU KNOW WHO IS IN IT? DO YOU?” hahaha


JEDI master


hmm I’m sure I did more but now I really feel like I need to send some love to Star Trek. Yes. I do love Star Trek. There’s no law that you can’t love both Star Wars and Star Trek :-)



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