Pick up lights second version and then some

Water-lightsSo I’ve been working on a couple of oil paintings simultaneously. They don’t look good yet, so you know, I can’t upload them yet :P

But then again, in between the oils, I’ve managed to squeeze in couple sumi/water combo and a digital painting experiment. Digital painting is something I haven’t done much, and maybe in the past did one or two sporadically here and there. Now I think I’m going to try to get into it more often.

I don’t really know how to paint what I want yet, but for now, I want to experiment on couple concepts, you know, tight, fast, soft, transparent, such and such, etc. 

The one I did today is of those cuddly things I painted digitally earlier picking up pieces of lights. This one is the water version.


Had a lot of fun with it. For now I’m just trying out different brushes. It’s fun :)

Then I did a couple of sumi/water combo:


This one was a commissioned piece. I really love the concept that my client came up with. He’s a samurai warrior who is wearing Mongolian pants and boots. I have another sketch of him that was rejected :D, but I’m planning to paint that one as well, in a different color scheme and style.


And here is Garrus Vakarian with a Japanese calligraphy, TRUST. I’m starting to think that I’ll probably have to paint a round of all the important characters from that game, since the Deviant crowd is nice enough to want to see moar ^^

That’s it for today.

Happy painting ^^

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