Pick Up Lights Oil Version

So I’ve been working on some Oils and some usual sumi/watercolor combo. Looks like I have to complete more than 10 oils in a month. THAT will be very busy. I will paint some sumi/water combo here and there to refresh my brush hand though :)

I will upload as they complete.

Other than that, the New Years has come, and I forgot to paint a snake… Yes, I did. I should do a series of paintings for the Chinese Zodiak, so every year I can just whip them up and make a New Years card. Yeah.. 

Here are some new Mycks art:

After painting many many warriors, painting something like this is a good breather :)

I had this Shepard drawn and lined for the longest time, just didn’t get to paint it. Well, finally I’ve done it, and well, honestly speaking, the painting part doesn’t take much time at all, so I don’t really know why I didn’t do it sooner…

Now a kind fellow Etsyan has suggested that I should try the female Shep. I was going to do it, honest! First game I fired up in Mass Effect was a female Shep game. Honest. :) Hopefully I can fit the painting in my schedule somewhere in the near future.

I actually did this in oil and got the inspiration for this from my other painting. A digital painting. Well, the cute little cuddly things painting. Like so:

I know you see the similarities! or not… hahaha

Back to the easel. Happy painting!

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