Mycks New Art: A play at Dovahkiin from Skyrim

 So I couldn’t resist in the end. One for the Dragonborn of Skyrim.

I usually never paint fictional/non-fiction characters from books, games, or movies, but I don’t know why this time I was moved to paint one. It’s probably because I was randomly browsing through famous soundtracks on tube, and happened on the Dovahkiin song… And then I looked at some images on the net. They look so cool, inspired something in me. By the way, I did play and beat the game… well can you really beat that endless game? 

And here’s another for the famous Japanese folklore creature, Kappa. A River Child, with direct translation, he resides in watery areas in Japan, usually wearing a sort of a water-filled plate thing on his head. The interesting fact about this guy: when the water on his plate empties, he either dies or cannot move. Oh and not to mention he has scales and is green or blue. I love it. One of our customers suggested I try out some Youkai’s and thus he is my first try…Thinking of maybe cracking out some other Youkai creatures from Japan in the coming weeks.

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