Minecraft, Zelda, Mass Effect…game Sumie fest

jack-cutSo… I’ve been so busy during summer entertaining in-laws visiting from Korea and Japan, so naturally, this blog got totally abandoned…well who am I kidding it actually looks like I didn’t write anything since like February…

Well, fear not! (telling that to myself, mind you) I will get back to updating our blog as usual!!! Not that I did it very often, but I still will okay? Leave me alone (telling that to myself, yeah~~)…

Just because I didn’t write any blog posts doesn’t mean I wasn’t being entirely unproductive. Case in point, I have been working on commissions more or less continuously, thanks to fellow Etsyans and Deviantartists. Thank you so much!

I did quite a lot of Mass Effect fan art, but I still have a couple left in my to do list. Today, I worked on Kasumi (finally!) and working on Joker. Yes, one of my favorite characters ^^

So without further ado, here are some of the stuff I’ve done recently:

Zelda Sumie Style


Link from Zelda game series. Calligraphy says: Courage


Princess from Zelda. Warrior princess. Calligraphy is: Wisdom

Minecraft Sumie Style


WAAAAAA! NOOOOOOOO!!! Don’t do it! Yep, we’ve all been down that road not once, twice, but many many times. I’m still waiting on a calligraphy for this piece, so I’ll re-upload at a later date when it’s complete with calligraphy.

Mass Effect Sumie Style


Kasumi Goto from Mass Effect game. I’ve gotten so many requests for her, and finally I did one of her. Calligraphy: Shadow (KAGE)


Jack. yep. She was requested many times, also. I might have to another one, since there is another request for her that I feel like I want to take up. Calligraphy: Fight


Everyone’s favorite Salarian, I mean a favorite scientist, or I mean THE favorite person period?! Well anyway, here is Mordin with calligraphy: Responsibility

Well, hope I come up with more blog posts soon! Have a happy one and thanks for visiting~~




  1. When and where can I buy Kasumi and Zelda? I discovered you on Etsy a few weeks ago, and I have the feeling you’re going to end up with a lot of my money. I love your art (and so does my boyfriend for whom I bought a fem shep print)!!

    • Thank you so much for visiting ^^ SO sorry I’m not used to getting comments on this blog..
      All my prints are listed on Etsy (as you might have discovered already^^)

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