Halloween with Sandy, Star Wars Angry Birds on pumpkins

So as a service to our neighborhood (and mainly for our own fun) we painted and put out a bunch of pumpkins this year again. Last year we painted the original angry birds, and they looked good and got some nice feedback from the town teenagers, so after careful consideration we came to a conclusion, the new up and coming Star Wars angry birds would be perfect for painting on pumpkins. I seriously considered doing a full-on serious star wars on them, but then again thought it would be hard to fit a serious sci-fi on a circular bumpy pumpkin skin. 

Halloween came alright. With Sandy, that is. We almost didn’t have any trick or treating in our area, but the town thought right and held the trunk or treat on a large parking lot. We brought these guys and decorated our trunk with spot light. So the local kids once again got to stare at our pumpkins, yay!

We thought the front jedi was a bad guy. Because of his smirk and all. But then now I think he’s Obi Wan. In that case he must be a good guy. Don’t know.. Now that I think about it, the game must be being released soon. Maybe today. Don’t know.

Lounging in the living room.


Oh, and I ended up sewing one of my girls’ costumes from scratch this year again. She wanted to become Luffy from One Piece. Figures.. But I think I did a decent job. And the existence of sewing machine was once again ignored through the whole thing. I think I have a sewing machine, but where….?


  1. These are great. My little one is obsessed with Angrybirds starwars and I would love to do something like this. Can you tell me the type of paint that you used?

    my email is coughlan1ben@hotmail.com


    • Hi! So sorry I’m not used to comments on our blog ^^ We used normal Acrylic paint for this. It seems to work very well. You might need a second coat for lighter colors though. Thanks for visiting~

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