Getting Back into Blogging! 2018!! My first ever Youtube video ^^


Hello world! It’s been a while (like 4 years?) since I’ve remembered the existence of blogs, and came back.

Just a place to dump ideas.

As a show and tell, here’s my first ever Youtube video ^^

In the year 2017 I started (kinda irregularly but still) posting Youtube videos more and more, and now I have some number of videos posted there if you are interested in how these things are being made: Mycks youtube channel


Some current news (what I did recently alongside my usual commission work):

I got a copy if this game along with the cool looking game mat, the kids around the house (my kids and nephews) played it and it was a cool quick fun ^^ Samurai duel card game, what more do you want, really. haha Their other card games look really fun, too.




And some other stuff that I might mention next time :-)


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