Female Shepard and Some Nice Carnations and such

fem-shepard-courage-thmb Here are some paintings I did today in between oil paintings.

Sumi/watercolor combos are a nice breathing time in between intense oil sessions. My oil style and sumi/water combo style is totally different. I’m thinking of a way to merge them and bring them together. 

Actually, my traditional oil style is my original painting style, and this sumi paintings are something I developed in the recent years. Just started by trying to paint somethings that would go together with my mom’s beautiful calligraphy.

I like the fact that there are so much freedom in painting it so rough and fast. I hope I can somehow incorporate this into some of my oil paintings that I’m planning right now. Getting excited! Well, here are the two new sumi/water combo of the day:



Female Commander Shepard. I fired her up as my first Commander when I first started the game :) Somehow I feel like the female commander fits the word Courage better… not that I don’t think the male one fits it either. Just feeling a bit more emotionally engaging when I was painting. Risking her life for the entire galaxy… yadda yadda…Probably since I am a lady, too… probably.


I don’t paint much flower, and I have to say, I’m really not a still life kind of person, but it does feel liberating to paint something else once in a while.

back to the easel…Happy Painting!


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