New Art: Dragon with Samurai. Dragon is No Evil Monster

In the orient, dragons are not typically MONSTERS but more like something holy or a source of power such as water, fire, earth, etc. I think in China, Dragons were basically symbols used by the emperors.

I once read a series of books, Japanese novels, that featured this set of brothers, I’m thinking 3 or 4 of them, who were actually dragons disguised as humans and when the world needs saving, unleash their awesome power. I was really into that series when I was in high school, but unfortunately I completely forgot the title or the author… It’s  probably one of those books which I considered one of the greatest books written while in high school, but then when I re-read it now (after fully growing up, that is) it turns out to be nothing more than a childish fantasy tale.

It’s okay though, I am STILL totally and completely into fantasy and sci-fi and such…

And here is a painting of an awesome pair: Samurai and Dragon, of course.

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