Comic Strip: TaeKwonDo master

As you might guess, every start-up blogger experiments with what to include in their new blog. Ours is a mixed one so far, and as my fellow Mycksian [just thought of that word…] gave me a suggested read on how to be a blogger, I have understood that: no one reads your posts in the beginning.

So there we have it. Since no one in particular cares, I decided to start up a series of comic-style drawings in our blog.

Today’s topic: MasLee [nickname], the TaeKwonDo master my kids learn from.

He is definitely a master in his arts. He has won like 8-10 gold medals in national Championships back in the day, and even when he sometimes demonstrates his kicks (and he’s now in his 50’s), you can really see that his kick can KILL… Considering he looks skinny and does not stand out at all from others when he’s just standing around, this is definitely a cool topic.

One funny thing about him: well, he is generally funny… but one thing me and my fellow Mycksian noticed is that for whatever reason one of his TaeKwonDo uniforms have these FLOWERY designs on it. Maybe his wife used his uniform as  a practice round for her needling skills? I do not know, but the pretty flower uniform is really really funny. The funnier thing is all these kids who learn from him don’t seem to notice that their MASTER is wearing a flowery uniform…oh well.

One more thing…he wears all sorts of black belts. He is a 8th degree black belt. He wears one black belt sometimes that is incredibly torn apart. Maybe that one is his first ever black belt…dont’ know. It no longer looks black, but it’s grey. But the other day, he was wearing one of his newer looking belts, and it had a huge “MEXICO” on it. We were like HUH?

Don’t get me wrong, I totally think he is the coolest master. And all these interesting things add to the coolness factor. I think…

Again, none of the kids notice such things and the class goes on.

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