Comic Strip: Gaming Kids

Today’s topic: kids.

They are so cute and pretty and adorable and at least 3 times a day everyday teach you some sort of lesson. On top of that, they adapt really fast. Well, I’m not here to brag, but my generation is a fast adapting crowd to begin with. We embraced technology and are hungry for more and more each day. But the kids….. the kids…if you think about it, when I was their age (pre-teen), and you know you’ve thought about this if you have kids; you’ve never even went near a computer. I mean SMARTPHONES didn’t exist! yikes.

I remember having to write my papers on TYPEWRITERS. What were those again? I always ended up hitting the enter button and at the same time realize that I made a tiny spelling error, and the whole page was going to the garbage can. What a stone age! Once we started using windows though, we adapted super fast.

Anyhow, kids aren’t afraid, so they keep on trying new things on the computers and smartphones. They make major damage on them like erroneously spending money on xbox and such, but they’re kids so no problem. And they learn and absorb everything. After all, those extra points on xbox live will come in handy when we want some nice new game to play.

The way the 4 year old hits the touch screen is so professional…


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