Pick up lights second version and then some

January 26, 2013 by | Comments Off on Pick up lights second version and then some

Water-lightsSo I’ve been working on a couple of oil paintings simultaneously. They don’t look good yet, so you know, I can’t upload them yet :P

But then again, in between the oils, I’ve managed to squeeze in couple sumi/water combo and a digital painting experiment. Digital painting is something I haven’t done much, and maybe in the past did one or two sporadically here and there. Now I think I’m going to try to get into it more often.

I don’t really know how to paint what I want yet, but for now, I want to experiment on couple concepts, you know, tight, fast, soft, transparent, such and such, etc.  Continue Reading →

Picking up the Pieces

September 24, 2012 by | Comments Off on Picking up the Pieces

I’m sort of interested in digital media recently. Well, I’ve been interested in it forever, but never seriously since I didn’t consider myself digital painter material.. I like wielding the brush and ink freely onto big canvases and walls and splashing and yanking. Pen on a flat tablet staring at a screen wasn’t something I thought I could never have patience for. I could, for like 30 minutes, but probably not until the said digital painting was nearly done. And for a fast painter like me, stopping a painting in a middle most likely meant I’m not coming back to it…

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that from many traditional painters though.. Continue Reading →