About Us

Mycks artsMyCKs [mix] is an art studio comprised of several artists of different styles and disciplines gathered together to bring cheer and spirit through art.
We collaborate, mix and remix our ideas to create something harmonious but unique.
Since we are not one but several artists, our subject matter spans through wide variety.
You might find Japanese calligraphy, modern illustrations, to traditional oil paintings all in one place. They are all different, and yet each work might contain input from more than one of us.

Currently Mycks art studio has 4 artists.

Japanese Calligrapher whose calligraphy works has been sold and being displayed at hundreds of lovely households all over the world.
Painter who paints in different media, such as oils, acrylics, watercolor, and others. She was traditionally trained in fine arts and has a BFA from Boston University in USA.
Graphic Designer and Illustrator who is an experienced web designer and illustrator who has a BFA from Hon Ik University in Korea.
Painter who paints and draws but at the same time very adept at engineering.

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