Digital Painting – learning the new medium ^^

February 10, 2018 by | Comments Off on Digital Painting – learning the new medium ^^

So maybe since a couple of years back, I have a need to paint serious landscape paintings (usually ocean-centric, since my client is an Ocean themed magazine in Japan), and so I’ve been periodically painting digitally.

It’s definitely fun, and yes, I’ve tried painting samurai’s and things (like my usual ink/watercolor stuff), but for those, I have a certain weird expectation of how the lines should look (like real/natural brush lines…) and that disconnect is always a bit jarring. weird. I know >< I still don’t want to give up though! I can probably find some sort of middle ground style for digital figure paintings eventually.


But! For now, I’m focused on learning how to paint these landscape-ish paintings, and here is a process for an image I did around a year or two ago. I’m still learning mind you, so you might find it a bit frustrating.. haha

All in all, it’s always the same, start rough until you know where all the elements will fall, then start tightening the details. I usually avoid details until the end, so I don’t get bummed out from making a major change to, or erasing where I spent lots of time detailing. That would suck…^^



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Scifi Characters into Samurai Part 2 – Star Wars version?

February 3, 2018 by | Comments Off on Scifi Characters into Samurai Part 2 – Star Wars version?

So I’ve always liked Star Trek a bit more than Star Wars, most likely because I watched MUCH more Star Trek than Star Wars (when counting in hours watched — for pretty obvious reasons..). I mean Star Trek is like a series of TV series, really really humongous time suck.

But when it comes to big budget films and cool romantic scifi lore, there’s definitely something about Star Wars ^^

Anyway, I was looking back through my stuff, and I realize I did quite a lot of Star Wars fanart and samurai-fying and such. I realize I need to send more love to Star Trek. Yes, one of the huge list of something I would like to do in the Year of the Doggo, 2018 ^^

Here are some samurai crossovers:


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