Mycks Murals: Trompe l’oeil Fish Out of Frame

April 26, 2012 by | 3 Comments

So here we are. We’re starting a new art project in our studio, the Mycks Mural :) Yep, shockingly real illusion on people’s walls. And here on this blog, we plan to showcase our mural process.

Today as you can see, we’ve just completed a mural with a gigantic Striped Bass being fished right out of the painting.

We’ve tested it, a person actually had to try to touch the painting to make sure it’s actually just a mural on the wall :) Cool huh? Success. Yessir~~!

Here is the process we used (this is like a secret recipe..use with care):

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Mycks New Art: A play at Dovahkiin from Skyrim

April 25, 2012 by | Comments Off on Mycks New Art: A play at Dovahkiin from Skyrim

 So I couldn’t resist in the end. One for the Dragonborn of Skyrim.

I usually never paint fictional/non-fiction characters from books, games, or movies, but I don’t know why this time I was moved to paint one. It’s probably because I was randomly browsing through famous soundtracks on tube, and happened on the Dovahkiin song… And then I looked at some images on the net. They look so cool, inspired something in me. By the way, I did play and beat the game… well can you really beat that endless game?  Continue Reading →

Comic Strip: TaeKwonDo master

April 19, 2012 by | Comments Off on Comic Strip: TaeKwonDo master

As you might guess, every start-up blogger experiments with what to include in their new blog. Ours is a mixed one so far, and as my fellow Mycksian [just thought of that word…] gave me a suggested read on how to be a blogger, I have understood that: no one reads your posts in the beginning.

So there we have it. Since no one in particular cares, I decided to start up a series of comic-style drawings in our blog.

Today’s topic: MasLee [nickname], the TaeKwonDo master my kids learn from. Continue Reading →

Comic Strip: Gaming Kids

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Today’s topic: kids.

They are so cute and pretty and adorable and at least 3 times a day everyday teach you some sort of lesson. On top of that, they adapt really fast. Well, I’m not here to brag, but my generation is a fast adapting crowd to begin with. We embraced technology and are hungry for more and more each day. But the kids….. the kids…if you think about it, when I was their age (pre-teen), and you know you’ve thought about this if you have kids; you’ve never even went near a computer. I mean SMARTPHONES didn’t exist! yikes. Continue Reading →

Mycks Design: Character Design flow

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Hello! Today we’ll look at the flow of the character design job our Mycks graphic designer took on recently. Those who are interested in the whole process of designing a character for a client might enjoy this.

Client: We want a samurai-ish turtley seal (or seal-ish turtle) for a party boat that also operates a Okonomiyaki (Japanese style pancakes) Restaurant. Continue Reading →

Beware of HACK…

April 5, 2012 by | Comments Off on Beware of HACK…

I must say, this sucked. Our blog was hacked. Seems like (well I have no clue to tell you the truth) not updating the WordPress might have been partly the cause but it was scary. When one opened our blog (must confess I didn’t notice until someone pointed out this to me… GUILTY of not updating the blog regularly enough.. I have learnt my lesson NOT to WORRY!!) scary blackish foreign language site showed up with equally creepy BG music.. Since I was listening at the same time to some creepy soundtrack, it was doubly scary when I closed the site and the music kept on going! hahaha

Anyway, we decided since our blog is relatively new and all posts could be backed up, we wiped the blog and restarted all over. Eventually all blog posts we had will come back to existence.. all tutorials and whatnot.

Just to let you know why our blog is sorta empty.. :(

Have a happy one~~

New Art: Yukata Watercolor Series

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So I have completed a couple of watercolor paintings. It’s been a while since I did these Yukata girls series, but doing them this time around, I realized it’s really fun~.

Yukata’s and Kimono’s are such pretty subjects for a painting. They can have any sort of pattern on them, and the shape of it is so elegant.. for me at least anyway. They feel almost like a window into some other dimension. Continue Reading →