Totoro and friends…reloaded

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Totoro-and-friendsRecently, I’ve been fortunate enough to be commissioned a scene from one of my favorite things, Ghibli movie. Well, mixed with awesomeness that is Mickey, Pooh and Snoopy. Just my style. It was so fun I wanted to paint more, then I’ve received 2 more orders similar to this scene. They are all done in different sizes, so you might be able to see some with less detail, and some with more natural spacing, ie. it was done on a larger scale. Continue Reading →

Sketches and more sketches

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sketch-cutSo this time it’s going to be a post about sketches. Sometimes you notice some artists have a pretty different sketching style from their final work, so I personally like looking at different artist’s sketches.

I read recently on some magazine about how great masters of old did lots of monumental looking sketches, and in fact they look like they were drawn in life-size, but in actuality, the size of the sketches are really small. or something like that. So the power of a small drawing can be great… or something? I actually didn’t read the article much, just looked at the pics….. Continue Reading →

Minecraft, Zelda, Mass Effect…game Sumie fest

September 20, 2013 by | 2 Comments

jack-cutSo… I’ve been so busy during summer entertaining in-laws visiting from Korea and Japan, so naturally, this blog got totally abandoned…well who am I kidding it actually looks like I didn’t write anything since like February…

Well, fear not! (telling that to myself, mind you) I will get back to updating our blog as usual!!! Not that I did it very often, but I still will okay? Leave me alone (telling that to myself, yeah~~)…

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Thane Krios, a kind assassin from Mass Effect Universe

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thane-truthSo I had this list of sumi paintings that I wanted to work on, and many of them that I had to get out from my head was from the Mass Effect game Universe. This is like my 4th Mass Effect inspired painting, so I’m now obliged to continue… haha

So then, today’s loot: Thane Krios with Japanese Calligraphy, TRUTHContinue Reading →

Pick up lights second version and then some

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Water-lightsSo I’ve been working on a couple of oil paintings simultaneously. They don’t look good yet, so you know, I can’t upload them yet :P

But then again, in between the oils, I’ve managed to squeeze in couple sumi/water combo and a digital painting experiment. Digital painting is something I haven’t done much, and maybe in the past did one or two sporadically here and there. Now I think I’m going to try to get into it more often.

I don’t really know how to paint what I want yet, but for now, I want to experiment on couple concepts, you know, tight, fast, soft, transparent, such and such, etc.  Continue Reading →

Female Shepard and Some Nice Carnations and such

January 17, 2013 by | Comments Off on Female Shepard and Some Nice Carnations and such

fem-shepard-courage-thmb Here are some paintings I did today in between oil paintings.

Sumi/watercolor combos are a nice breathing time in between intense oil sessions. My oil style and sumi/water combo style is totally different. I’m thinking of a way to merge them and bring them together.  Continue Reading →

Pick Up Lights Oil Version

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So I’ve been working on some Oils and some usual sumi/watercolor combo. Looks like I have to complete more than 10 oils in a month. THAT will be very busy. I will paint some sumi/water combo here and there to refresh my brush hand though :)

I will upload as they complete.

Other than that, the New Years has come, and I forgot to paint a snake… Yes, I did. I should do a series of paintings for the Chinese Zodiak, so every year I can just whip them up and make a New Years card. Yeah..  Continue Reading →

OK, I had to mention it. Pillows and art go together.

December 16, 2012 by | 1 Comment

Hello people. Holiday season is here and hope you are all having a great winter.

Recently browsing though my favorite artists on some art websites, many of them had links and images of their art on PILLOWS. And I don’t know what about them, but I want ALL of them. The whole pillow thing and favorite art go together. And then, today it hit me, OH! how will ours look like on pillows! OMG! So I went ahead and posted some of our paintings there: Continue Reading →

Girls of the Samurai Era Mycks versions

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So basically I lied. The oil painting I mentioned earlier is still on the easel… People visiting, long week of kids staying home because of hurricane, stuff, stuff. The usual excuse. I really need to shape up. On a more positive note, I have done a couple of sumi/watercolor combo paintings though. This time the theme was girls from way back when in Japan. Since I paint lots and lots of male ninja’s and samurai’s and dragons, people tend to get an impression that I might be a guy myself, but in truth, I am not.

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